Friday, December 30, 2011

Daffodil Johnson McGee

My husband bought me mixed lots of beads from Beadaholique this year, and some nifty pendants were among the treasures I found therein. This pendant became the focal piece of a necklace I named Daffodil Johnson McGee. Along with new beads and findings, I used yellow and white beads from vintage necklaces. What do you think?

The Lady of Shalott - Peyote Stitch Beading Pattern

The romantic, lush painting "The Lady of Shalott," by J. W. Waterhouse, lends itself wonderfully to beadweaving. I have adapted his painted work and created a pattern for even-count flat peyote stitch. The finished work should measure approximately 7.75 x 10" if the specified beads are used.

The painting "The Lady of Shalott" by J. W. Waterhouse is in the public domain. For a copier like myself, this is a good thing. :-)

If you're interested in learning more about this pattern, please visit my Etsy shop:

Happy stitching!

Back to beading!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I've been a peripatetic crafter for many years. . . not going from place to place but from project to project. Even my beading blogs have been peripatetic, showing up in my writing blog and elsewhere. In my working life, I'm a writer. In my home life, I'm a wife and mother. In my crafting life, I'm primarily a jewelry maker. For too long, I called beading my "guilty pleasure." Thanks to my extra-perceptive friend and business coach Angie, I realized recently that it isn't guilty just because it's a pleasure! So. . . I welcome you to this little corner of the Internet, where I'll share designs, ideas, triumphs, foul-ups and more.

I'd love you see your designs, too, and hear about your craftwork.