Monday, January 16, 2012

Be Your Own Best Advertising!

As I was getting ready to go to the dentist this morning, I decided to wear one of my handmade necklaces (in fact, the turquoise and coral creation near the bottom of the page). I figured I could give my business card to the receptionist or hygienist if either woman complimented me on it.

The hygienist commented on it right away. I took it off to show it to her more closely. She held it up to her own neck in front of the mirror and commented on how many outfits it would go with. I pulled out my card with my Etsy shop address on it. She asked about the cost and then said she'd love to buy it but would have to wait until her next paycheck. I could see that she truly liked it. I told her if she really wanted it, she could keep it and pay me when she gets paid. She looked surprised, then doubtful. I said, "Hey, I know where you work." :-)

Easy sale, happy customer, happy jewelry-maker.