Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Little Light of Mine

I spend a lot of hours alone at home, where I edit, translate and write. Then I spend some more time alone making jewelry. I have a loving family and many wonderful friends, and I don't mind the hours alone; in fact, I appreciate quiet hours during the day. But I don't want to go too deeply into solitude. One way I stay connected with others is through my jewelry-making.

I derive a lot of pleasure from watching friends' faces when they accept a necklace I've made with them in mind. Really listening to people is such an easy and meaningful way to learn what they want, what they enjoy, how they see themselves, how they would like to be. . . and making a piece of jewelry that reflects these aspects of their personality can, in turn, bring them much joy and help them feel validated as they realize that someone hears them and cares about their desires.

Have you given someone a handmade gift that clearly made an impact on both of you?


  1. Te entiendo perfectamente. Cuando haces un regalo a una persona querida y ves la cara que pone y lo luce con todo el orgullo, es algo increíble. Una sensación de haber conectado con la persona. Algo especial, una gran sensación.

  2. Exactamente. Gracias, Pelantura!

  3. I think my daughter is probably my biggest fan. She's so supportive of my jewelry making. She's always there with encouragement when I think I've made something that really deserves placement in "The Box of Ugly". hahahaha!

    I recently made a pair of butterfly hoop earrings...and one of my customers told me that butterflies have become the symbol of her mother's life and that when she saw the earrings, she just had to have them. It's such a gratifying experience when you know that something so unique and personal to you, has touched the heart of someone else.