Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nifty beading table, custom-made

I received a wonderful gift for Christmas: a custom-made beading table!

My hubby made this after watching me drop beads and magnetic clasps between the sofa sections on many an evening as we watched TV. (There's still a silverplated magnetic clasp in there somewhere, probably stuck to the metal recliner mechanism.) It's just right! It has:

- a removable, Scotchgarded light blue felt pad to hold beads in place and show them up better in dim lighting

- two cubbies below for supplies

- slots to hold tools at the back of the workspace

- a nice height for me when I'm seated on the couch, and

- casters for wheeling around the house.

If necessary I can plug in my magnifying lamp and set it on the work surface.


  1. What a thoughtful and personal gift! He's a keeper!

  2. :-) I think so, too. I think he should go into making these for other beaders, as well.